Sexual Porno DVD Tape WorkoutSexual Porno DVD Tape Workout: Under Guru Singh's direction, we opened a video store using our neighbor's pornographic videotape collection. We also stocked science fiction and dramatic interludes (certain snack cakes were also available upon request as well). We were called Blockbusters Videos, and we did fairly well until we received bills for rent and utilities. We then closed immediately and burned everything. But before that we decided to make the best compilation of our erotic sexual adult video entertainment section. This is the ultimate DVD tape workout; the Sexual Porno DVD Tape Workout! $15.00

Crazy Dave Tape TwoCrazy Dave Tape Two: After completing the three week mind expansion seminar, Guru Singh testified in court that we were able to physically exist in space-time again. All charges were dropped and we began working on Crazy Dave Tape Two. It consists of good-bad images from movies, television and other sources (pornographies) for vitality and life energy during late night party situations! Watch and understand our brain patterns! $15.00

Crazy Dave Tape ThreeCrazy Dave Tape Three: Years in the making...after countless probation violations, several horticulture degrees, and one forced trip to Indonesia....Crazy Dave Three is finally done. After viewing, Guru Singh ripped off his clothes and destroyed his refrigerator with a metal pipe. After that we knew it was ready for the general public. If Crazy Dave Two was force fed acid, speed, and hamburger pretzels, the end result would be Crazy Dave Three. Expect your greatest worst nightmares during late night party situations! $15.00

Crazy Dave Tape TrilogyCrazy Dave Tape Trilogy: Together for the first time...the entire Crazy Dave Tape series. Part one was the humble inside joke between friends which circulated to the general public. Part Two was our first true attempt at video mixology...and Part Three is the gloriously twisted conclusion to it all. Own all three for ultimate life energy and vitality! $25.00

Totally Radical Pause TapeTotally Radical Pause Tape: We discovered that if you throw the microwave against the DVD player, it pauses randomly! This was the driving force behind the Totally Radical Pause Tape. Helping us power up for each throw was the music of Don "The Cobra" Jackson, famed karate instructor turned power metal guitarist. His music is the backdrop for nothing less than 30 minutes full of pauses from only the most radical movies, TV shows and pornographic videotapes we have! $10.00

Amazing Video WeirdnessAmazing Video Weirdness: The title accurately describes the situation. Designed for the ADD inclined, and mutated n' mutilated for our late night party freak fiends! Showcasing nearly 100 obscure films in 95 minutes, this is jam packed with enough weirdness to fry a few neurons. Expect adolescent drug abuse, ninja battles, avant-garde keyboards, Filipino Batman singing, religious puppetry, and more more more! Preview it on our youtube channel! $15.00

Let's Get TurkishLet's Get Turkish: For anyone unfamiliar with Turkish exploitation films, expect the movies you dreamed about as a kid, with a slightly larger budget. Then mix it all with iconic American films like E.T. and Rocky. The result is your brain exploding! This video is the ultimate collection of ultiamte parts from the ultimate Turkish exploitation films!! Expect rabid snowbeasts, underwater ninjas, kung-fu beatdowns, cardboard swordfights, and the best/worst remakes ever created!! Non stop madness, edited with the quickness. $15.00

Party Tape/Radical Powers Combo PackParty Tape/Radical Powers Combo Pack: Two twisted late night video freak-outs, united for the first time since their birth! Initially created as mini video mash-ups during our live appearances, these two mutated bastards contain everything we hold sacred: sex, gore, perversion, insanity, drug abuse, 80's funk, explosions, and sexually hot dance moves! $20.00

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